Group Contact List

This is a list of the various people the Runners have come across, for a quick reference.

Luis: The owner, and occasional bartender of the Pandemonium night club in Shanghai. Friendly to foreigners, as he is one himself, he often is the first stepping stone into the shadows of Shanghai, and as such is perhaps one of the most connected and respected individuals on the night scene. Despite his connections, many in the business consider him a bit eccentric, as he seems to focus on managing his moderately sized club and networking, going out of his way to test new runners.

“Old Man” Fang Zhen Hui: The dock master of a set of piers in Shanghai. He is known for his patience, his love of fishing, and his intolerance for the maltreatment of his docks. Although he’s called ‘old man’, Fang’s body rivals that of trolls in their prime, and many on the docks consider him an adept, though he neither confirms nor denies this.

Sun Li: Owner of {{Sun Lis Shifting Wares | Sun Li’s Shifting Wares]], this old Wu Jen talismonger runs a shop that’s lit up like a beacon on the astral. Barriers surround the back portions of the store, so it’s unknown just how much of the shop is a shop, and whether she actually rests there.

Pashkah: Half-Manchurian owner of a small Russian oriented bar, frequented by those that like genuine vodka, as well as the Vory populace of Shanghai.

Group Contact List

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