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  • Pandemonium

    As you step off a the rainy street, down some stairs into what looks like the basement for an apartment complex, you open the door to Pandemonium. The entire floor is basically a bass system, the ceiling twisting with holos to the music, as people half- …

  • Group Contact List

    _This is a list of the various people the Runners have come across, for a quick reference._ Luis: The owner, and occasional bartender of the Pandemonium night club in Shanghai. Friendly to foreigners, as he is one himself, he often is the first …

  • Luis

    Luis grew up in Tir Na Nog, and left when he finished his schooling to see the world. After getting mixed up in bad business due to good morals, he had to fall off the grid. It's no secret he ran the shadows for a time, before he set up Pandemonium.