Noah Myght

Techie elf with a wide scope of high connections providing mainly technology and gadget wares, with else on the side.


Nuala’s Contact

Connection level: 5
Loyalty rating: 4



Noah is an elf with a quirky sense of humor and generally amicable disposition. Tall and lean, he has light brown hair and bright green eyes. He is well versed in technology and Matrix related knowledge. While his in-depth techie interests and expertise give him more than a few eccentric personality attributes, he’s still fairly good with people, which has greatly benefited his ability to locate, obtain, build, and sell some of the most up-to-date, effective, and even hard-to-get, product out there. He’s prone to go into technical explanations and descriptions of the latest goods or rambling a bit about his latest development project, be it in inventions or Matrix endeavors, but he can be easily guided back to the real point and focus on what is needing to be discussed. His abilities in locating items and knowledge of how to get them do not solely pertain to electronics and technological wares, and thus, his wares have been known to at times include everything plus the kitchen sink. As he likes to jokingly say, “If you want it, Noah Myght just have it”, or, at least, a way to get it. As such, he’s fallen into tagging his business in much he same manner, Just Myght Have It.

Noah Myght

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